Exporting Timesheets from Aussie Time Sheets

1. In Aussie Time Sheets, download timesheets.

2. Once Downloaded, Go to Timesheets > Daily Timesheets and amend times.

3. Go Home, Click Reports.

4. Click Payroll at the top (Hand with coins icon)

5. Select the date range/pay period at the top.

6. Click Show Data

7. Once you see the times, click export to file.

8. Save the file in a folder.

Importing Timesheets into MYOB.

In MYOB go to File at the top left --> Click Import/Export assistant.

Step 1 Welcome: 

Select Import data.

Click next.

Step 2 File Type: 

Select Timesheets from the import dropdown

Browse and select the MYOB import file you created from Aussie Time Sheets

Click Next.

Step 3 Format:

Data is separated by: Commas

The first line of the file contains: Headers or Labels.

Match cards using their: Emp. Card ID

Click next.

Step 4 Match Fields:

Click Auto Match.

Click Next.

Step 5 Import: 

Click Import.

The data will load into MYOB represented by a progress bar.

Step 6 Conclusion:

The conclusion should say all number records were imported without errors.

Click Close.

In MYOB go to Payroll > Click Enter Timesheet to review.