When setting up a brand new tab for first-time use with Aussie Time Sheets Kiosk app, you do not need a Google account.

  1. Go through the initial setup steps (You can skip any steps that ask for a log in or an account)

  2. When asked to connect to Wifi, connect using your Wifi signal name (SSID) and password

  3. You will then see that you have connected to the Internet

NOTE: Your tab may search for any Android updates and install them.



 Once you are connected to the Internet:

  1. Open a browser in the tab

  2. Type into the address bar of the browser to start the download of the ATC.Kiosk.apk file
    There may be permissions you need to allow.

  3. Then open or run that file to install the app..
    You may be asked to allow the tab to install apps that are not from Google Play.
    Simply allow permissions to continue to install.

  4. Once the app is installed, open it to continue

    NOTE: You may not see an icon on the home screen. In that case you may need to add it.

  5. The app will ask for certain permissions. These will need to be allowed to continue.
    All the permissions are needed for the Kiosk app to have all features enabled