The Productivity report can be a useful to see where hours are being spent and if setup to see wage expenses.

Login Permisions:

Before being able to apply base payrates the Login requires the permision to view the setting.

To do this navigate to Logins at the top > Select the Login > Enable "Can Access Pay Rates?" > Click Save.

Paycode Setup:

Navigate to Setup > Paycodes.

Pay Factor:

This is the multiplier of the employees base rate of pay.  EG. Ordinary Hours would be '1.0', Overtime 1.5x would be '1.5' etc.  This option will also be used in a future release to show gross pay dollars on the Payroll Summary report within Aussie Time Sheets as an option.

Employee Setup:

Navigate to Setup > Employees > Select Employee > Click Payroll Codes Tab.

Base Payrate:

Set their Base Hour Rate.

Set Standard Leave Hours:

Navigate to Setup > Daily Rules > Select Daily Rule > Click Overtime Tab > Set Standard Leave Hours.

Timesheet data will need to be present in the software.

Generate the Productivity Report:

Navigate to Reports > Reports > Productivity > Select the date range and employees > Click Load.

You should see something like below.