To clear administration privileges from the timeclock.

1. Open Aussie Time Sheets.

2. Mouse over Timeclocks at the top.

3. Click Connections.

4. Select the timeclock that need the admin changed to normal.

5. Click Clear Administrators at the bottom.

This will clear their admin privilege's but keep their profile on the clock.

If the timeclock is Offline or not connected to the network please do the following.

1.Note your Timeclock Serial Number.

2. Email support at and provide the serial number requesting access to the admin menu of the timeclock.

3. Support will email instructions on how to access the main menu.

4. Once you have received the temporary password from support.

5. Press the Menu/OK button.

6. Enter 8888.

7. Press OK.

8. Enter the temp password provided.

9. Navigate to Data Mgt.

10. Select Delete Data

11. Select Delete Admin Role.

10. Highlight and select OK.

All admin privileges' should be cleared. You can test this by pressing Esc to the blue screen and pressing the Menu/Ok button. If you can get into the menu without a needing to use biometrics or a PIN, admins have been cleared.