Premier App Clocking

IT Requirements:
A port forward needs to be configured in the route to the Server’s IP address using Port 8081 TCP/UDP
 IT will also need to forward you your Public IP to input into the My Workforce TNA application, alternatively, this can be found by going to or   Whats My IP Address - IP Address, Whois & IP Tracing


Software Requirements:
Employees will need to be given a Web Password which they will use along with their Payroll Number to log into the Workforce TNA App. 

The Password will need to meet the below requirements.
- 8 Characters long
- 1 Numeric value
- 1 Uppercase letter
- 1 Lowercase letter


Employee Requirements:
Employees will need to navigate to the Play Store on their mobile phones and download the My Workforce TNA application. Shown here - Helpdesk : Aussie Time Sheets 

When running the application for the first time you will be prompted to input your Website, this will be your Public IP:8081, for example,

When an employee logs into My Workforce TNA they will need to click Log Time and again on the following screen. Once this has been completed their times will flow into your ATS Premier Software.