If you’re using MYOB Account Right Live or MYOB Essentials, you’re now able to API connect to Paysync which will mean no more flat file exports and lots of clicking each import. The API will now transfer the file in a secure way and with only a couple of clicks!

The first step will be to sign up for PaySync which you can do by looking at the provided solution below.

Registering a Paysync Account

Once you’ve signed up for your Paysync account click on the settings tab in Paysync you will need to select MYOB as your payroll type by clicking the MYOB image. If you have MYOB essentials you will need to open a new tab in the web browser and login to your MYOB account and leave it open. If you MYOB account right live you will simply need to open the application and Sign in, then leave it open.




 Then go back to Paysync and select Authorize your MYOB account which will auto detect your MYOB account and request access.

Once you’ve clicked Allow access it will automatically take you back to PaySync and it will show your account is connected. If you have multiple Company file’s you will need to choose from the dropdown which one you wish to export to.

You have now successfully connected Paysync to MYOB and will now be able to import timesheets directly into MYOB.


You will now need to change your Payroll Type in ATS or WorkforceTNA from MYOB to PaySync and Copy your PaySync Authorization Code which is found in PaySync and can be pasted into either MYOB or PaySync



If you’ve already configured to export to MYOB using the flat file import everything should already work and you can go ahead and Export. If not please review our setup articles.