The Time Sheets icon in ATS-Basic is used to finalize all clocking data before exporting into reports or payroll.

After downloading the data from the Time Clock you will now be able to visit the Time Sheets.

The Time Sheets will automatically load all employees for today's date.

If you need to adjust the date range to your pay period you will be able to change the From date: and To Date: accordingly, then press load.

To adjust the viewable employees it is as simple as ticking the check box for the employee you wish to see their timesheet or select all in the left panel.

ATS-Basic can also control the employees visible by Department selection.

You will have to use the drop-down selection tool and select Department as well as the Department you wish to view.

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: