This section of ATS Basic is where you can synchronize employee data between your clock/s and your PC, either through a network connection or a USB drive..

Section 1: Download Employees From Clock

To download your employees over the network you will have to check Download over Network and select the Time clock you wish to download your employees off.

To delete staff from the clock: once the download has completed choose the staff member you want to delete, then press the delete button.

To Download your employees Via USB you will need to select 'Download' which will then automatically open up a File Explorer which you direct to your Removable Disk, there you will find a file called USER.DAT.

To delete staff from a clock not connected to your computer you will need to navigate to the User Management area of the menu of your specific time clock. 

Section 2: Upload Employees to Clock

To Upload employees to the timeclock you will have to select the Upload Employees To Clock Tab.

To Upload over Network you will need to select the employees you wish to send to the Timeclock (By Simply ticking the box next to their name) and select 'Upload'

To Upload Via USB you will need to Select the employees you wish to send to the Time Clock (By Simply ticking the Box next to their name) and select 'Upload'.

Which opens up a file explorer which you will need to direct yourself to your Removable Disk/USB and save the USER.DAT file to it and save it.

Now these steps will need to be done at the time clock only if using USB.

You will now need to go to the time clock and insert the USB into the left hand side of the time clock.

  1. Press M/OK
  2. Move down to USB MANAGER
This should have uploaded your data to the clock, you can double check by going to user management and select all users which you should be able to see all the names of your employees.

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