The connections area is used to manage and administer time clocks that you will be using on the network or via USB with the ATS Basic software. 

Add A Time Clock

First, if you've added your time clock to your Local Network, click Find Clocks to trigger a search on your network for your clock.  If found, the software will prefill the IP Address and Port and will auto-retrieve your clock's licence details over the Internet.

To manually add a time clock you'll need to select the 'Add' button and enter the details for the clock.

USB Disk: Check the box to indicate to the software if you'll be using a USB to upload and download users and their time attendance data from the clock; otherwise leave this unchecked if you'll be connecting to the clock via your network.

Clock Name: Any name designated to allow you to differentiate between and clocks you may have. 

Serial Number, License Number, and Activation Key: This is your license information, you should receive these details in an email shortly after your clock has been dispatched. Ensure there are no spaces or additional values on either side of the numbers if pasting in.

IP Address: The network address of your clock on your network, you will not need to enter these details if you'll be using a USB to upload and download users and their time attendance data from the clock.

Active / Inactive: You can use this to archive the details for a clock you no longer want to use without deleting the clock.

Delete on Download: Choose whether ATS will remove clockings on your time clock after a successful download.  This will keep your clock memory free and is recommended if using the Auto Download option.

Auto Download: Check this box to have ATS automatically download your clocking data from your networked time clock.  Set the interval to download using the 'Download every x minutes' field.  For ATS Basic, this feature will work if the ATS software stays open.  For ATS Premier, this will run in the background on your server via a dedicated Windows Service.

Location:  Assign your time clock to the applicable Location.

Auto Sync Time On Download: If your time clock is on your network, ATS can sync the correct time to your time clock every download, to ensure the time on your clock remains accurate.

Once finished entering the clock details press 'Save' to finish adding a new time clock to your software. 

Managing Timeclocks

With a networked time clock added, you can select that clock and click Test Comms to test the network connection to the device and then perform additional functions.

You can manually choose to Sync the time to update the time on the time clock.

You can Clear Administrators, which will remove all menu restricted access, allowing free access to the menu of the time clock.

You can Clear All-Time Logs, to purge all clocking data stored in the time clock.

You can Clear All Employees to purge all employees currently on the time clock.

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