Schedules is where you now plan out the Daily Rules you've created.  The Schedule of rules is perpetual and will create a rolling 7 or 14 day schedule.

To Add A New Schedule:

1)  Click 'Add' to add a new Schedule.

2)  Name your Schedule.  Give your Schedule a name that will make it easy to select later when assigning in the Employee area, eg 'Full Time - Admin' or '8:00-16:00 Admin Schedule'.

3)  Select when you'd like this schedule to Start from.

4)  Select the number of days you need to plan out, 7 or 14.

5)  Assign a Daily Rule to each day that you've loaded.  If no work will ever be done on a certain day you can leave that day blank with no rule assigned.

6)  You can then assign this new Schedule to a whole department by checking that department on the right.  Or you can select the individual employees who will work this schedule by checking those employees on the right.

7)  Click 'Save' to then apply to schedule out the Daily Rules you planned out for that entire date range, for all the Departments/Employees you selected.

8)  You can add an unlimited number of different Schedules to Aussie Time Sheets.

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