You can group your time clocks and employees by Location.  A Location can have multiple time clocks and employees assigned to it.

Click Add to add a new Location, and then choose the applicable time zone for the location.

To assign a Time Clock to a Location go to Time Clocks > Connections, choose your time clock and assign the applicable Location.  You can also enable 'Auto Sync Time on Download' so that your networked time clock will always have accurate time displayed.

To assign an Employee to a Location, go to Employees > Details and choose the applicable Locations.  An employee can belong to multiple Locations, and once their details are uploaded to those locations they'll be able to sign in and out at all time clocks associated with those locations.

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple & Premier Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: https://aussietimesheets.com.au/pages/basic-simple-time-and-attendance-software or https://aussietimesheets.com.au/pages/premier-time-and-attendance-software-for-sme