Departments are custom groups that you can create and use to sort employees. At least one department must be made before adding employees in the Employee section.

To create a department click 'Add' then type the name. Click 'Save', and you'll see the department appear on the left.

If you want to delete a department, select it on the left then click the Delete button. There will be a prompt at this point to ensure that it wasn't an accidental click. If there are still employees assigned to the department you'll be asked to deselect them from it first.

Common types of groups include:

 - Occupation: employees by job type, such as Administration, Sales, or Service.

 - Site: employees by location/site (e.g. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane).

 - Payroll: useful if only certain employees will be exporting to payroll. When exporting you'll be able to select this group and only use employees that are in it.

 - Employment Status: group employees by whether they're full/part time, casual, or salaried.

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