The Pay Codes menu is where you can define what codes an employee has time calculated to as well as leave codes.

You can add as many leave codes as required.  These codes will display in the Leave Type drop-down selection on your Time Sheets.

To add a leave code, click ADD, enter the leave description and then click SAVE.

To match your Pay Code in ATS-Basic to the Payroll Category in your Payroll Software, type your Payroll Software's Category name in the Payroll Code field.  This will be used on the Payroll Export to match when importing to your Payroll Software

*Note: Some Payroll Software packages require these code names to match identically to what the Payroll Categories in your Payroll Software are called.  This can mean that all upper/lower case letters and special characters need to match too.

Pay Factor:

This value is required by some payroll applications when exporting to them.  This is the multiplier of the employees base rate of pay.  EG. Ordinary Hours would be '1.0', Overtime 1.5x would be '1.5' etc.  This option will also be used in a future release to show gross pay dollars on the Payroll Summary report within Aussie Time Sheets as an option.

Leave Type:

When adding a new Leave paycode, you can assign a Leave Type.  This is a required item for some payroll exports, ensure all leave codes have an applicable type of leave assigned to them.  If using ATS Premier, the RDO Leave Type when assigned will automatically reduce the value of RDO time accumulated when that RDO leave is taken.

Enable Shift / Leave Loading:

ATS Premier allows you to add Shift Loading and Leave Loading.

Shift Loading - Add a new Loading code, eg Afternoon Shift Loading.  Choose the applicable Loading Code, the paycode that will have the employees Base hours for that shift attributed to it that we need to apply loading on.  Then choose your Loading Rules, the Daily Rules where this Shift Loading is applicable.

This option will duplicate all the employees base hours on that shift to the loading code, eg Base Hours 8.0hrs, Afternoon Shift Loading 8.0.

Leave Loading - To add Annual Leave Loading, add a new paycode for Annual Leave Loading, enable Leave Loading and choose your Annual Leave paycode as the Loading Code.  All standard Annual Leave hours will now be duplicated to your Annual Leave Loading code.

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