IMPORTANT NOTE: These instructions assume that you have already installed an external bell or siren. So, these are only to set the Bell or Siren Schedules in the menu of your clock. Please contact the Aussie Time Sheets tech support team if you need assistance with the wiring setup.

How to Add a New Bell Schedule

  1. Enter the clock menu by pressing the M/OK button on the keypad.
    If the menu is locked, only someone with clock Admin access can unlock it.

  2. Once in the menu, use the Arrow keys to move to Personalize and hit OK

  3. Then choose Bell Schedules > New Bell Schedule

  4. In this menu:
    1. Set Bell Status to ON
    2. Set Bell time to the time of day you want the Bell to ring
       You will need to create a New Schedule for each different time you want the bell to ring
    3. Choose Repeat to schedule the days of the week for this Schedule
    4. Change the Bell Type to External
    5. Set the External Bell Delay to the number of seconds you want this Bell Schedule to ring for. The suggested time is 5 seconds
    6. Repeat the above steps to create other Bell Schedules

  5. The last step is to enable the Bell Relay inside the clock.

    a. In the Bell Schedules menu, choose Options

    b. Enable External Bell Relay

    c. Select NC2 to turn on the correct Bell Relay

    d. Press the ESC button on the keypad several times to go back to the blue Aussie Time Sheets home screen.

Please contact the Aussie Time Sheets tech support team on 1300 309 339 for further assistance.