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For an overview of the Aussie Time Sheets Basic software, check out this short video:


  1. Add your time clocks to the software under TIME CLOCKS 
  2. Follow step C in your Quick Start Guide that came with your time clock 

See SUPPORT > ATS TIME CLOCKS for more information on adding your time clocks to the software



  1. Click on LOGINS at the top and create a new software login for yourself with VIEW & EDIT ability. 
  2. To setup the software, you need to click SETUP and work your way through the sub-icons from left to right. 
  3. COMPANY: Fill in your company details, company name will display on reports. 
  4. GENERAL: Select how you would like time to display 
  5. PAY CODES: Add any leave codes you’d like to select on your TIME SHEETS and display on REPORTS. 
  6. DEPARTMENTS: Add at least 1 DEPARTMENT your EMPLOYEES will belong to. You will not be able to add EMPLOYEES without a DEPARTMENT. 
  7. DAILY RULES: Add at least 1 DAILY RULE to then SCHEDULE. A DAILY RULE is what the TIME SHEET will use to calculate time each day. You can create any number of DAILY RULES to then plan out on a SCHEDULE so that the TIME SHEET knows what rule to use and how to calculate work hours each day. 
  8. SCHEDULES: Add at least 1 SCHEDULE you’ll then assign to EMPLOYEES. A SCHEDULE is a collection of DAILY RULES and tells the software what rule to use on each day.   
  9. EMPLOYEES: Add your employees and fill in all relevant details, and assign to a DEPARTMENT and SCHEDULE. 
  10. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  Add Public Holidays including a DESCRIPTION, DATE, and LEAVE PAYCODE.

See SUPPORT > ATS SETUP for more information on each icon within the software

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: